Greeting Cards a Hit…LeMoyne a Success!

holiday show sets of greeting cards in a group

Happy New Year folks! I’d like to share what I’ve sold over the holidays. I have just started to make custom made greeting cards in sets of four recently and the photo above is the group I submitted to the LeMoyne Holiday Show this past year. I am happy to say I sold three sets and the rest are going to the gift shop for hopeful future sales. I also sold quite a few mini canvas and easel Christmas ornaments. I am also glad to announce two big sales which were Kitten Paws and then surprisingly, a colored pencil/pen and ink drawing I was selling in the gift shop for the past couple of years which fortunately, sold along with the holiday items.

I’d also like to include the greeting cards that I submitted to Fat Cat Cafe for the holiday season. Sales were slim there, but the cats have been getting adopted which is the whole idea of this great place! Here’s some photos from Fat Cat as well as the cards I sold to a regular customer. Hope to sell more greeting cards this year! I can make a card out of any painting I’ve done, so if you have a favorite, let me know or perhaps get a custom portrait done!

diane with greeting cards at fat cat


Happy Holidays! Snowmen at LeMoyne

Diane and snowman holiday 2018 - Copy

Yes, it’s the holidays and I’ve been preparing for months! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and is getting ready for Christmas. This year I am selling mini snowman, cat and dog canvas and easel ornaments as well as some larger paintings and sets of greeting cards. LeMoyne Arts in Tallahassee started their annual Holiday Show and Sale Thanksgiving and it ends right before Christmas. Plenty of time to buy your Christmas gifts! I already had a successful Black Friday and am pleased with the current sales. Shown below are shots of the beautifully decorated gallery with my art on display.

I also documented my progress on the multiple snowman minis I created for the Holiday Show. I thought it might be interesting to see how they come together. I’m still busy painting minis for Sea Oats Gallery and preparing greeting cards for Fat Cat Cafe. Have a Merry Christmas and see you next year!!! Thanks for  viewing 🙂


Sharing Railroad Square with the Seniors

RR Square Bike Me painting

Recently I went on a photo shoot looking for good images to paint and ended up in Railroad Square Art Park, Tallahassee. The building there are very colorful so I found some good subject matter. I decided to share these shots with the folks at the Wakulla Senior Center during our monthly Acrylic Painting Class. I’m shown above in front of the class with my rendition of Railroad Square Bike. Below I’ve included some group shots as well as close ups of  Carol busy painting and a picture of Mary proudly displaying the painting Red Door with Walter looking on. The painting class at the Wakulla Senior Center in Crawfordville is free and open to anyone!

My versions of the two paintings are shown below and I’ve also included my cat, Stripedie, helping prepare for the class!

RR Square Bike sketches with Striipes

Drawing Class at Tally Senior Center

Drawing Class bear drawing sept 2018

This blog is about me honing my drawing skills which I haven’t done in a while. I think you might have noticed I do drawings as bases for my paintings and years ago I used to strictly draw with pencils before I started painting. I decided it would be fun to go back to so I took this Beginner’s to Intermediate Drawing Class at the Tallahassee Senior Center on North Monroe Street. Although I draw regularly, I consider myself at an intermediate level. For my first assignment in class, I am very happy with the way this bear came out!

Fat Cat Cafe Now Has Minis!

Fat Cat Diane n minis first friday

Here I am at Fat Cat Cafe on E. Park Ave. in Tally displaying the mini cat paintings I did for them to sell along with artwork by other local artists. This was on First Friday when they had one of their open houses where people were allowed in the cat room for free to play with and simply pet the kitties. There is usually an admission charge which acts as a donation that goes to the care of the cats which are up for adoption. Certainly a great cause! I’m proud to be part of their organization.

Here’s a couple of cuties waiting for new homes. Below is a glimpse into the cat room.

I also wanted to include close-ups of my mini cats that are for sale. I also do custom pet portraits, any animal, not just cats. Come to the Fat Cat Cafe and support the kitties!

Tank and Kazy Have Gone Custom

Bonnie and Kent grdaugtr with 2 paintings

Here is Kent and Bonnie’s granddaughter proudly displaying the custom pet portraits I did of their two dogs that have passed away. They wanted them for their memories, which seems like a very good idea. It’s always nice to have happy customers, which I think I can say Bonnie is, judging by the photo I have included below. Also shown is Kazy, who I also included the in-progress shots. If you know anyone interested in a custom pet portrait, any animal, just go to the Contact section of the menu. Thanks!

Organizing my Art Studio

Studio august 2018

Here’s my at-home art studio after I was able to re-vamp it. I finally bought a new easel after about 10 years (I guess I got attached to my last one!) I also bought the 3-drawer storage unit that has wheels and also serves as a little table. I am lucky enough to have this space in my house to dedicate to my painting. On the left is the long, wooden table where I sit and paint my minis. I also organized my old paintings and selected some to gesso over to paint on again. This is a primer that imitates the canvas itself that makes a surface appropriate for painting on. I have been working on some minis for Fat Cat Cafe in Tallahassee and shown below are some close ups of my studio during a break.