Changing the Way We Do Things

It is the last day of April 2020 and well over a month into the Corona Virus pandemic. It is unfortunate (to put it mildly) but some of us have been using this time to get things done. As I said in my last blog I have updated my site. Please check out the menu items which are listed similar to the way websites have them listed. And I must mention now, as everyone knows, we have had to change the way we do things world-wide. I was originally going to participate in the 621 Gallery Member’s Exhibit. Since things are different now the exhibit is online and I am happy to say I have two paintings on display: “Morning Routine” and “Scooterville.” Please check out this online exhibit by clicking on the following link and stay safe!

621 Gallery Online Members Exhibit

Please Stay Safe Folks

Diane at Computer Desk for Blog

Well, I must say this is a good time to create but it is very unfortunate we have this terrible situation worldwide. I hope everyone including my blog readers stay safe during this dangerous time. During the upcoming months I will be taking this time to stay indoors so much more, if not constantly, to paint and update my blog. You may not notice big changes, but I will be revamping it as well as learning more about promotion in general and SEO (search engine optimization). I am fortunate to have a Digital Marketing friend help me out. So folks, I’ll blog as soon as I can and please stay safe!!!


Venues for my Greeting Cards!

Starting the end of last year and the beginning of this new year, I am selling my greeting cards in two new gift shops! One being Quarter Moon Imports, an eclectic little shop on Lake Ella in Tallahassee. The other is 621 Art Gallery Gift Shop, a popular gallery stop on the First Friday Gallery Hop in the local art district, Railroad Square. I am so happy that my art is getting out to the public in this somewhat different vehicle. So…if you can’t afford a painting…buy a greeting card! Support the arts folks!

Love of Tallahassee Continues

Diane and Contemporary Gallery in City Hall

Tallahassee Proud

I am “proud” to be in this COCA exhibit in City Hall Art Gallery called “Tallahassee Proud.” Here I am posing with my painting Contemporary Gallery, a favorite Railroad Square Art Park stop on the First Friday Gallery Hop. I am also including pictures of the set-up where I ran into fellow Tally artist, Dan Taylor, and here he is with his abstract painting “Springtime Tallahassee.” When leaving I ironically ran into the local, brightly-colored trolley which I have a painting of in the exhibit called “Trolley Sign.”

In addition to posting photographs of my paintings, I am happy to share some more fellow Tallahassee artists’ work: Natalia Andreeva: oil painting, Katie Clark: photography, and Yoshiko Murdick: watercolor. This exhibit runs from January 29th to April 13th and I recommend it to all art lovers as well as fans of Tally!

City Hall Art Gallery Sign

Final Painting of 2019. Happy New Year!

Transportation as Inspiration

This painting is entitled “Scooterville” and it was the last painting I did in 2019. Not to say it was the only painting of this subject I painted. I tried and tried again.

It was inspired by the shop called Scooterville on Pensacola Street in Tallahassee, FL. I drove by and saw a pink scooter and just loved it! Then I painted the study below.

Scooterville pastel study

Deciding it wasn’t in keeping with my style, which does not consist of pastel colors, I decided to concentrate on the more intense colors, seen in the reference photo below.

scooterville ref photo

So, I tried again. First creating this study and then the painting shown.

scooterville study framed use goodScooterville painting

Although I loved the study (top of the two paintings above) I did not like the final painting I came up with. Just to make it clear, the study is a “practice run” on paper and not meant to be the final product. So, since I didn’t like the painting on canvas that I came up with, I tried yet again! (Which is the one shown at the top of the blog, but I will also show it again here.)

This serves to illustrate what I go through to create a painting. Not all paintings require this much attention but this one did. I did learn something through this process (which is just as important as coming up with a good or great finished piece). I like the first one (the study…not pastel though), and spontaneity is the most important quality to me.


First Exhibit at Southern Exposure

Happy Holidays folks!!! I am happy to say I am branching out and for the first time I am exhibiting at Southern Exposure Art Gallery in Railroad Square Art Park, Tallahassee. The exhibit runs from First Friday opening reception, December 6th to Saturday December 28th, 2019. Below I am showing how it began: my spread on the floor deciding on the paintings (with Oliver helping) and Bill Humphries helping hang the exhibit. And for those of you familiar with my greeting cards, yes, I did sell some at the event!

The night was a big success! So many of my friends were there to support me, both art lovers and artists as well. Shown below is fellow AHA member (Artists Helping Artists) Ann Kozeliski, and abstract artist Richard Drake.

Gallery owner, Bart Humphries Frost, was on hand to run the show and local photographer and friend, Bob O’Lary, was there to document the event. FAMU instructor and local artist, Liu Nan, is shown with some of his still lifes.

And finally, my good friends and supporters: Sharon, Heather, and Lynn. I am very proud to have exhibited in this fabulous gallery and so happy to have had so many supporters! I’ve been very busy this holiday season (which is very good, of course) and am participating in three Holiday Shows: Gadsden Arts, Jefferson Arts and the Winter Moon Festival. More on these to come! Happy and safe holidays to all my faithful blog readers.

First Fri Lynn n me front my art


Happy Thanksgiving! Great Auction!

diane w two donations

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog readers! Here it is the holiday season and art events are plentiful as well. Shown above is me with my two donations to the 621 Gallery Annual Art Auction. On my right is “Tally Bus Stop Study” and on my left is “Contemporary Gallery Study.” The proceeds are going to support this great gallery in Railroad Square Art Park in Tallahassee, Florida. I am proud to announce someone bid on and won the bus stop painting and the other, the gallery painting, is a rendition of the very gallery the auction is supporting. It was not sold so I gave it to Lauren Baker, the executive director of 621 Gallery, as a gift.

The live auction featured some very talented artists, including some pottery pieces which I really enjoyed that brought quite a bit of money to the cause. Also shown is the live auction in action, with emcee Grant Peeples standing looking on.

auction night wall w people

Here’s a shot of the interested art lovers!

Here I am with 621 board member/artist/good friend: Ann Kozeliski, who also donated. And on the right is Tallahassee art scene supporter, Dan Taylor, with his peace sign donation. I am glad to say I am happy my piece was sold as well as having a great time at the event! As I said, plenty of art events coming up and the next one for me is my participation in the Southern Exposure Art Gallery December exhibit. I will be posting about that soon. Happy Holidays!