Tally Senior Center Exhibit at TCC

TSC Sign and Watercolor

Just last Thursday night there was the opening for the Tallahassee Senior Center exhibit at Tallahassee Community College that I attended. The exhibit is for the students and teachers of the art program at the center and runs from May 18th to July 13th. I am happy to say I have two pieces on display as an instructor of the Mini Paint Your Pet workshop. I was also able to pick two students out of my class to exhibit samples of their work that they did in my class. Below are photos of me and my self portrait as well as a mini cat and a students’ two minis.

I enjoyed mingling with the art lovers in the good-sized crowd that showed up for the opening. My instructor for the oil and acrylics studio class that I take at the Tallahassee Senior Center, Robert DeWitt Smith, was there and had a painting of a sunflower on display. I’ve included a picture of him and his painting as well as one of Tallahassee’s finest painters and a teacher, Eluster Richardson, with a painting of Panacea.

In addition to those folks, I was able to connect with one of my students, Lisa Dollar Covet, with her dog from the workshop. And also pictured is Leslie Puckett, the Art Program Coordinator at the center, with her mixed media creation. I think a fun and inspiring time was had by all!

My Next Painting

Sunflowers LeMoyne Sketch

Here’s the sketch for my next painting of a still life of sunflowers in a jar. I don’t usually paint flowers but I think I’ll like sunflowers because of their large, graphic nature. I bought the flowers and borrowed the jar and took the photo in my yard with my iPhone. I was able to control the composition and lighting that way. I always sketch my paintings first then transfer the sketch to the canvas by rubbing graphite on the back of the drawing and then hold it canvas and go over the front with a thick pencil and transfer like carbon paper. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my latest painting.

Artopia 2017 is Coming Up!

Artopia logo

One of the biggest art functions of the year in Tallahassee is right around the corner and will be here in June. It is called Artopia and it is a charity fundraiser for Big Bend Cares which support HIV/AIDS patients and families. They collect donations from local artists and sell them in live and silent auction format. I have donated many years now as well as attending the events with my art lover friends. This year I have donated my pig painting which is a 16″x20″ acrylic piece of a pink piglet frolicking in hay and I have thrown in a couple of minis for good measure. Pictured below is my primary donation and I am happy to say I support the cause!

Dyal Artopia Pink Pig

More Minis

I’ve painted more mini cats! These 2-1/2″ square cat portraits are going to be used for workshops that I teach as samples for the students to refer to and one is going into an exhibit that I’ve been accepted for. First, I have a Mini Paint Your Pet workshop coming up next month that I’m preparing for at LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts in Tallahassee. Second, there is an exhibit at Tallahassee Community College for the art teachers and students from the Tallahassee Senior Center that I have been chosen for. I will be submitting my painting “Self Portrait” as well as the mini black and white tuxedo cat with the red background pictured above. More info on these events later!

Babysitting Dynamite

Here’s the next painting I am submitting to All That Jazz in Apalachicola, FL for the owner to sell. I started it during Artwalk on April 1st when I was painting in front of the gift shop but didn’t finish it. Now it’s done so I decided to post it here for all you folks to enjoy. The reference photo was taken when I was babysitting my friend, Carol’s, cat Dynamite. She has been the subject of many of my paintings since the black and white tuxedo color scheme seems to be popular with the shoppers at All That Jazz.

LeMoyne Chain of Parks is a Hit!

LeMoyne Sign on N Monroe

This past weekend, April 15th and 16th, I went to the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival along Park Avenue beginning at N. Monroe Street on both days. The festival has been voted one of the top 100 fine arts festivals in the country and had so many artists there was enough to view on Saturday and Sunday. I had the pleasure of speaking to the featured artist, Debo Groover, about her creative 2-D mixed media pieces and how she made them. Which was, interestingly enough, groups of colored polymer clay flattened in a pasta maker and hardened to be used along with acrylic paint on her designs. I’ve included a photo below.

Debo Groover LeMoyne Chain

Although Ms. Groover is from Tallahassee, there were artists from all over the country participating in this popular local event. The weather was beautiful and Saturday was very crowded. I particularly enjoyed the paintings but there was pottery, jewelry, sculpture, woodworking and fiber arts. Attached below are some more shots from the festival. Can’t wait til next year…it was inspirational!

Little Libby Loves Her Portrait

This is my latest commission Etsy portrait called “Libby Loves Life.” This cute little dog is taking a break to pose with the portrait taken by her happy owner and satisfied customer so she could post on Facebook. I really enjoy the reactions of the pet owners after they have seen their custom portraits. These paintings are done in various sizes according to price with acrylic paint. Check out the Etsy link on my blog!