Frieze Art Fair NYC 2016

Frieze Art Fair on New York’s Randall’s Island is giving Art Basel some competition. Art Basel is the original art festival with international galleries represented and takes place in Miami in December and Frieze is the new kid on the block held on an island across the East River since Manhattan proper has is very congested and has very little room for an art festival of this magnitude. It is held in the beginning of May and has a huge variety of both national and international galleries with artwork on display and for sale. This event is great for both the art lover and art collector. If you’d like to go, plan on spending the whole day since the venue is a gigantic modern tent. It had a great sampling of contemporary and even some modern artists like Robert Mapplethorpe and some old stand by contemporary artists like Jeff Koons. Popular Chelsea galleries were represented like the David Zwirner and the Gagosian Gallery from New York City with works by their more popular artists like Damian Hirst. I have featured a photo of one of my friend and my favorites, the Windex with cigarettes and basketball. We both loved this because of it’s whimsical nature. Pictured below are a sampling of pieces of art that inspired me. I had gone to Frieze Art Fair back in 2013 but I must admit this year’s was fabulous!


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