Back in Tally at 1020 Art

I just came back home after a great trip to NYC. I currently live in Panacea but go to Tallahassee for most of my art needs. Although I do sell art in Panacea and Apalachicola, I have gallery representation at 1020 Art on 1020 E. Lafayette Street in Tally. Today’s blog is about the Spring 2016 showing of my work. I have two new pieces up as well as a sampling of older pieces that are some of the curator’s favorites she wanted to include in this grouping. The new pieces are “Prodigal Chick” (shown above with another one of my chicken pieces and some of my minis) and “Ducks in a Row” which is shown with me below. I have another chick piece in mind to paint soon, but my latest painting is a still life which I will feature in my blog soon.



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