Artopia 2016 Was A Success!

Diane with Donkey Bid

Last Saturday night I attended Big Bend Cares’ live and silent auction event that benefits HIV/AIDS patients called Artopia. It was held at the Tallahassee, FL Civic Center (I have a crowd shot below). The event was very well attended and all the art was donated by local artists and collectors. There was an excellent selection of art to be bid on and I was lucky enough to run into some artist friends there. My friend Heather and I had a good time perusing the art and pictured below is Heather standing with one of the larger live auction pieces. I entered an acrylic painting of a donkey entitled “Get This Thing Off Me” (above) which got a bid as well as a piece left over from last year entitled “Gloomy Crops” which also was bid on. Shown below is also my friend Chris’ painting “Two Boats”.  Had a great time and they raised quite a bit of money for this worthy cause!


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