Two Dog Portrait Commissions

Famous Chillin'

Baby Famous and Keri

About a month ago, a customer from out of state commissioned two custom pet portraits of the same dog for a gift for a friend. One was of the adult dog (pictured above, top) and the second was of the dog as a puppy with the owner. This cute beagle’s name is Famous. I really enjoyed painting him…in both renditions. The top painting, called “Famous Chillin’,” is an 11″x14″ and is done in acrylics as all my paintings are. The second painting is 12″x12″ and is called “Baby Famous and Keri.” I don’t usually do portraits of people, but I have done them in the past. For more previously done animal portraits, see the portfolio section of my blog listed in the menu to the side (or above depending on your device). If you’re interested in a pet portrait for yourself or as a gift, order one by going to my Etsy site also listed in the blog menu. Below I’ve included photos of the steps to get to the finished product. Hope you enjoy the paintings!


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