TSC Paint Your Pet Workshop

Ann with Large n Mini for Blog

The first four weeks of August I am teaching a Paint Your Pet workshop on Tuesdays from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Tallahassee Senior Center on North Monroe Street. Pictured above is Ann with her two paintings of her cute dog. At first the students paint one large (but not too large) canvas to start then next sessions graduate to very small “mini” canvases that are approximately 3 inches square.

Pictured above, left, is Jane with her larger rendition of her cat and on the right is her excellent mini cat shown with the reference photo. The students are varying skill levels and the larger paintings were used to teach technique and color theory.

Shown above (l to r) is Margaret with her second mini of her daughter’s dog after doing a very well done rendition of her own cat the first and second weeks. Lisa is pictured with the larger painting of her dog. Lisa is new at painting and drawing and did a fabulous job with her portrait depicting a difficult three-quarter view of the dog. Also above are the folks having fun painting their pets!



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