First Friday December 1020 Art


It’s not only Christmastime at LeMoyne, it’s Christmas and December First Friday at 1020 Art in Tallahassee as well! Here I am with Majken, the curator, and my painting inspired by my trip to NYC to visit my friend, Chris, called “Lemons and Toast.” Some other of my paintings were also on display, which are for sale as holiday gifts, like “Gateway on a Ladder Number Two” and “Holy Cow,” one is of a black and white cat and the other of a black and white cow. Pictured below is my friend, Heather, shown with “Ducks in a Row.” Also pictured is me with the first in a series of two, “Hatchin’ Chick” with the hors d’oeuvres table. This exhibit will be up a couple of more weeks so come on by 1020 Art! This is the gallery where I have representation. For more info go to .



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