Tally Senior Center Exhibit at TCC

TSC Sign and Watercolor

Just last Thursday night there was the opening for the Tallahassee Senior Center exhibit at Tallahassee Community College that I attended. The exhibit is for the students and teachers of the art program at the center and runs from May 18th to July 13th. I am happy to say I have two pieces on display as an instructor of the Mini Paint Your Pet workshop. I was also able to pick two students out of my class to exhibit samples of their work that they did in my class. Below are photos of me and my self portrait as well as a mini cat and a students’ two minis.

I enjoyed mingling with the art lovers in the good-sized crowd that showed up for the opening. My instructor for the oil and acrylics studio class that I take at the Tallahassee Senior Center, Robert DeWitt Smith, was there and had a painting of a sunflower on display. I’ve included a picture of him and his painting as well as one of Tallahassee’s finest painters and a teacher, Eluster Richardson, with a painting of Panacea.

In addition to those folks, I was able to connect with one of my students, Lisa Dollar Covet, with her dog from the workshop. And also pictured is Leslie Puckett, the Art Program Coordinator at the center, with her mixed media creation. I think a fun and inspiring time was had by all!


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