Stripedie Painting Three Ways

Stripedie Upclose for Documents

Here’s my cat, Stripedie, when I first got him in 2012 reaching out to grab the camera. I’ve always loved this photo, so I decided I would paint it. I’ve started a new method of painting where I practice the finished product first by painting it “willy nilly.” What I mean by this is no pencil lines, using soft body paint instead of heavy body, just knocking it out in one sitting and going by feeling more. This seems to help me prepare for the final painting much better since I’m more familiar with the colors; the highlights, midtones and shadows; and the composition. I have done this painting three ways (shown in order below): the willy nilly practice version, the standard way I have of painting, and a combination.

Stripedie Reaches Out Willy Nilly final

Stripedie Reaches Out Old Method final

Stripedie Reaches Out Combination final



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