Sunflowers for the Summer

Here’s my latest endeavor which I tried two ways: the first, on the left, was a less controlled version with no initial pencil lines and it was done with soft body acrylics (which I call the willy nilly version). The one on the right was more the final product as opposed to the study, with a more planned out and was touched up after the first couple of layers to make it more refined. Although this was kind of an experiment, both paintings were successfully received in the local art scene. The one on the left, Sunflowers at Home, was accepted to the LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts “Come Home to LeMoyne” members’ exhibit and the one on the right, Sunflowers at Home No. 2, was accepted at 1020 Art to be exhibited in July where it’s also on sale. Shown below is also the reference photo for the painting as well as a sample of some sunflowers I painted at the Wakulla Senior Center in 2014. Just shows what practice and repetition can do!


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