Stripedie and I are Moving!!!

Stripedie Looks Up

Well, some big news for me and my cat, Stripedie, that I want to share with you folks. We are going to be moving from Panacea, FL to Tallahassee, FL. Panacea is a quiet little town on the water about an hour from the closest city, Tallahassee. I’ve lived here for ten years and now it’s time to be closer to the city where I do all my art-related business. All the museums and galleries are there. Tallahassee Senior Center where I take a class as well as teaching classes, is there. The art store is there. You get the picture. So, I will not be posting much in the near future as I will be very busy. I’ll keep you posted!


Trolley Alla Prima

Downtown Trolley

I am working with a new style I call Willy Nilly but it’s actually called “alla prima” which is Italian and roughly translated means “done in one sitting.” My style is very loose and spontaneous and all alla prima paintings aren’t necessarily so, but this is what I decided to do. This painting is called Dowtown Trolley and I took this picture while painting minis in Tallahassee for LeMoyne Center for the Arts. I already posted Stripedie Reaches Out done in this style, which was my first, and there will be more to follow!

Artopia 2017 was a Success!

Diane Heather and Lynn

Myself, Heather and Lynn (from right) all had a great time last month at Artopia at the Tallahassee Civic Center. This function is put on by Big Bend Cares to raise money for AIDS/HIV patients and their families. Local artists donate pieces of their artwork for this worthy cause which they sell in silent and live auctions. I donated an acrylic painting of a pink pig, which got bid on and was sold, as well as two mini paintings which were both sold also.

There were a lot of artists work that I recognized, although not all were present. I’m including Ann Kozeliski’s eagle, Debo Groover’s tree with birds, and Barbara Psimas’ koi fish and I’ve also attached an abstract I really liked.

Finally, I’m showing someone bidding on my Mini Striped Cat (which made me very happy) and a shot of the live auction and the hallway outside the function room with some colorful guests. Can’t wait til next year!

Museum of Fine Arts Summer Exhibit

Diane and Rusty Truck

Here I am proudly posing with my selection for the FSU MoFA Artists’ League Summer Annual 2017. It’s called Rusty Truck Dashboard and I created it at the class I take at the Tallahassee Senior Center. I enjoyed the opening reception for the exhibit which was held Friday, June 23rd from 6 to 8 p.m. Although I am a new member, I saw some familiar faces as well as some new folks.

Shown above, top left, is Viki Wylder, Artists’ League Liaison, announcing the winners of the awards given for the show. Bottom, my supporters, from left, Andre Smith, Lynn Smith, Heather Lanham and Gillian Smith.

Above are my fellow local art friends’ paintings, from left, Ann Kozeliski’s (from LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts) Rock-N-Roll Tutu done in sumi-e. Next, Ned Stacey’s (from Renditions, An Art Space) Blowing Butterflys done in acrylic and finally, on the right, Richard Drake’s (Tallahassee abstract artist) Hippy Painted Stealth Plane done in paint. All talented artists and I am happy to say I was able to chat with all three of them that night.

And finally, here’s a few more pieces I enjoyed I wanted to included for you folks to view as well. One of my favorites, on the left, is the Black Light Guild Exhibit which was done in conjunction with the Summer Annual Exhibit, curated by Perdita Ross. The piece shown is called Finding Your Soul Mate. The Artists’ League exhibit was certainly a success and I’m glad I was a part of it. The opening reception was particularly enjoyable!