Donation to Artopia 2018

Artopia logo 2018

Kathryn with Fair Violets donation

Here is my donation for this year’s Artopia, a AIDS fundraiser put on by¬† Big Bend Cares of Tallahassee. This charity event features a silent auction (where my piece will be included) and a exciting live auction for the more expensive art. It is donated by many, many artists from all around the region and some from out of state. My piece is an acrylic painting on paper that’s matted and framed and it’s called “Fair Violets No. 3.” If you’re interested in attending this event, check out this link for Artopia 2018.




Evolution of a Diane Dyal Painting

Cascades Railroad Crossing Ref Photo - Copy

It starts with inspiration. I enjoy taking pictures of things I like around town as well as around my house. This is mainly because I have fairly recently moved to Tallahassee, FL and it has been inspiring me. The photo above I took at Cascades Park of an image I thought would make an interesting painting. Next, I bought a vertically-oriented canvas I thought would be appropriate. Then, as pictured below, I sketch the image with pencil on my pad, followed by doing a painting study on the paper pad as well. This allows me to see how the colors interact with each other, the values at work, the choice of pick of each hue, composition, etc. Finally…the finished product! This piece is slated for exhibit in the future at a major gallery in town.

RR final blog

Cascades Park Railroad Crossing by Diane Dyal, 12″x24″, copyright 2018



Jeff Koons PlayDoh for New York Art Week

Playdoh with guard at Christies 2018

Here is a fine example of contemporary art for sale last week for New York City art week at Christie’s auction house in Rockefeller Center. It is done in aluminum (see card below) and it is by the famous Jeff Koons. He is very well known and his work can be seen all over the city and is for sale in the millions. He was on the cover of Time Magazine a few years ago which I discovered when I went to New York and saw two of his exhibits, one at the Gagosian Gallery and one at the Zwirner Gallery. He quite often works in large scale and in metal. Pictured above is the front of Play-Doh and below are more shots. I’ve also included a photo from my trip in 2013 of a statue with gazing ball, to give you another example of his work.

Playdoh info sign Christies 2018


Diane Dyal at 1020 Art for First Friday

Majken choosing my art for april 2018

Majken was exuberantly looking over the artwork I submitted to her for the show this spring in April and May. She is the curator of 1020 Art, a gallery on Lafayette Street in Tallahassee, FL where I have representation. The pieces I gave her were done in my new expression style which she was eager to add to my former primitive style paintings. Here I am with some of the art which was on display in the gallery on First Friday in April. First Friday is something that’s done here in Tallahassee the first Friday of the month where all the art galleries and studios have openings. I can’t wait for May’s event!

Boston Terrier Custom Pet Portrait

Willow and Razzel sketch on canvas

Here is a sketch of two Boston Terriers on the canvas before the painting began. When doing a custom pet portrait, I always sketch the animal(s) on a pad first, then sketch onto the canvas next. Hopefully the sketch on the canvas comes out as good as the sketch on the pad. To refine the sketch you can always look at the drawing in the mirror to judge proportions, etc. Another method of double checking is taking a photograph which surprisingly shows a bit of a different perspective. Here’s the finished product below which I delivered to a happy customer last week.

Willow and Razzel

It Started with a Painting Study

Donnys Guitar study for blog

I have been doing studies first before I do an actual painting. Usually an artist does studies in pencil, which I do, but I also paint a sample of what my finished piece will look like. This gives me an idea of color harmonies, brush strokes, composition, etc. This study of a guitar started me off doing a painting of the same guitar and I liked it so much I decided to paint another guitar, too. In fact, the artwork entitled “Donny’s Guitar” sold to someone on Facebook. Then the second guitar I painted was a classical guitar, which was named exactly that and is on display at 1020 Art. I’m thinking of doing a third!

Mini Custom Portraits for the Coast

Gulf Specimen six minis 2018

I have been working hard lately on getting mini sea life finished to be sold at locations in Panacea, on the Gulf coast. I needed to prepare sea turtles, blue crabs and seahorses for Two Blondes Liquors and Gifts. As well as more seahorses, sea turtles and a couple of manatees for Gulf Specimen Aquarium, shown above.

Sea turtle in progress sketches on canvas

I always sketch the mini on a pad first. Then I transpose that sketch to the canvas. As you can see it’s not always easy to fit the animal on these very small canvases! You can also see the small tubes of paint I use from a set of a variety of 48 colors which provide a great selection of colors for me to choose from. Shown below is the finished product ready to ship south!