Mini Custom Portraits for the Coast

Gulf Specimen six minis 2018

I have been working hard lately on getting mini sea life finished to be sold at locations in Panacea, on the Gulf coast. I needed to prepare sea turtles, blue crabs and seahorses for Two Blondes Liquors and Gifts. As well as more seahorses, sea turtles and a couple of manatees for Gulf Specimen Aquarium, shown above.

Sea turtle in progress sketches on canvas

I always sketch the mini on a pad first. Then I transpose that sketch to the canvas. As you can see it’s not always easy to fit the animal on these very small canvases! You can also see the small tubes of paint I use from a set of a variety of 48 colors which provide a great selection of colors for me to choose from. Shown below is the finished product ready to ship south!


Subject Matter for New Paintings

Angel Statue - Copy

Shown above are a number of photos I’ve taken around Tallahassee that might serve as subject matter for paintings. I am preparing for an exhibit at LeMoyne Arts that is potentially coming up in 2020. Although I haven’t officially been chosen as an exhibitor, I’m hopeful and still preparing nonetheless! There is no particular theme to the show except that my decision has been to paint things that inspire me around the house and around town. This has been the case since I moved to my still-new home of Tallahassee. There seems to no limit to the subject matter around!

Teaching Seniors “How To” a Cityscape

Mailboxes in a Row

Here is another expressionistic painting I have just done only this one wasn’t done at my home studio. “Mailboxes in a Row” was created at the Wakulla Senior Center in Crawfordville, FL at the acrylics class I volunteer to teach. Shown above is my sample painting I do in front of the class as a teaching tool. I often use these pieces to show since I am happy with the finished products. I like to paint Tallahassee subject matter and despite the fact I have moved, I make my commute south to the senior center since both myself and the seniors enjoy this class so much. Pictured below is Walter proudly showing off his rendition of the mailboxes. I’m shown teaching the folks as well!

Walter and Mailboxes 2018

Fair Violets: Painting a Still Life

Fair Violets

Painting still lifes is very enjoyable for me. I like the more compact, concise subject matter. I also like the play of highlights and shadows. Here is one I am particularly fond of, shown above, called “Fair Violets.” I don’t usually paint flowers and not only did I enjoy paintings them, I am very happy with the way the painting came out.

The title is “fair” violets since I went to the North Florida Fair in Tallahassee last November and ended up finding quite a few things I took photos of that could serve as subjects for my paintings. Shown below is the photo I took as reference as well as a painting study on a mixed media pad. I have been doing studies lately that help greatly with my new expressionistic style. Since some of the works are “alla prima” or translated, done in one sitting, it helps to flesh it out on paper first. I think I’ll be painting more flowers!

Fair Violets Study

Working on Mini Custom Pet Portraits

Mini Molly in Progress

Very busy doing custom pet portraits! Trying to fit in my larger expressionistic paintings in between as well. I just finished this portrait of a long-haired dachshund commissioned by a woman for her friend. I also did a mini portrait of a black and white tuxedo cat for a woman to give to her brother. As you can see, these paintings make great gifts! I’m going to be doing some Boston Terriers soon, so I’ll keep you posted.

Tallahassee’s Capitol Building

Capitol Building No. 3

This is my latest painting. Not only my latest, but the latest one of the capitol I have done. I have painted this famous Tallahassee landmark at the intersection of Monroe Street and Apalachee Parkway three times. I think I like the way it has progressed into my new style. This, as you blog followers know, is my new expressionistic style pictured above in “Capitol Building No. 3.” I had done it two years ago while experimenting and learning in a painting class I took in Railroad Square Art Park. The previous version was well received and was sold to a woman who proudly displays it in her downtown office. I’ve included these two versions of the capitol to compare and contrast. Going to do more Tallahassee landmarks in the future!

Capitol and Trees Reference Photo

Enjoying the New Expressionistic Style

High Tops

Here’s one of my “fan favorites!” This painting was complimented by all that have seen it, friends and family alike. I haven’t shown it to the general public yet, since it is one of the paintings I am preparing for a big group show at LeMoyne Arts in 2020. This exhibit is not the first time I’ve shown at a gallery, but it is the biggest gallery in town and I’ll need between 25 and 30 paintings to show. I feel I’m on the right track with this painting and my new style because of the reaction. A friend was interested in the painting and decided to buy ten greeting cards with this image on it which I custom made for her. I do custom paintings, mini portraits and greeting cards and ship in the continental U.S. I hope you are enjoying my new style and I’ll keep you posted on the preparation for the group show!

High Tops Ten Cards with Env SoldHigh Tops Reference Photo